Monday, January 18, 2010


I'm quite annoyed from this past weekend, I still cannot get my extruder board to recognize commands sent from the host software to turn on the extruder.
My thinking is that I may have a dud chip, but I can't totally believe that, especially when I use Zach's test code which puts ADC signals to various parts of the board, yet though, when I insert my own code, which is simple digitalWrite, the extruder h-bridges are at 1.8V.
No one i've asked either cares or knows what is going off.

It is however entirely possible that I got a dud chip, I got one for the 644p, found the tx line 100 ohm internal short, how the hell does this happen.

I was going to post some pictures, but there is virtually nothing to see yet to make it worth while, all I have is a wooden frame, with the Y axis sitting loosley on top of the wooden frame, same with the x axis, though its lower down.
Both the X and Y axes are old, mismatched A4 flatbed scanners that I scored off for $5 for both.

I did buy another demijohn last week, hoping, and failed in the weekend, to transfer my wine to a clean and sterile demijohn so that all the dead yeast at the bottom won't affect the 3rd and final fermentation cycle, which could take 6 months or more, for my plum wine. Why plum wine? Cause I have a very large plum tree that fruits an amazing amount of fruit over every Christmas week, though last year it was 3 weeks early, great for getting me started for the first time on wine making.

Hmm, my blog posts seem to be rather long.

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