Saturday, December 18, 2010

Y is it taking so long?

So I wanted to give an update to my 3D printer.
Last time I said I wanted to have the Y axis completed this week, which may not happen as I have set time aside to do Christmas cards, so the intial plan of of heading down to Tangeball, and drilling holes for the stainless steel rod into the wood and making the cross beam will have to wait till next week, Tuesday night.

Here is most of the parts except the cross beam and the other stainless rod, which is cut to the same length.

It may not seem like much, but to redesign the the linear bearing in such a way it's under engineered to allow for my many mistakes.
Still plan to use 608 bearings with a busing inside so that I can use an M6 screw, the reason for using an M6 screw is that the thread pitch is enough to support the weight of the Y and Z axis  withouth worry of  thread stripping, as if I had used 8mm thread in the 3mm wall L bracket, it would just have 1 and a bit turnes in the thread, with 6 mm I have 3 turns of thread in the 3mm wall L bracket.

I took the oppotunity to do a short video explaining my crazy ideas, I can't help it, I love making robots, this project is no exception.

So i'll mount most of this this weekend, and glue on the pulley to the motor with LocTite 680 at work on Monday, and drill holes on Tuesday night.

Then it will be onto establishing the hight of the extruder to the bed, personal time frame to do that is mid to late next week.

I'm also going to have to take the half day from work on Friday to take up to my friend in Whanagarei her Christmas present.

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